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Precision Punch Former - 50020 - PFH450

Features :

  • PFH450 Precision Punch Former has stronger compact structure as well as longer durability. This model is suitable for applying on surface grinding machine and EDM machines. It is capable of forming miscellaneous shapes of punches.
  • V-block clamping design can accurately stabilize the workpieces and with fine-tuning function makes easier for setting center.
  • Adopting high precision double bearing to achieve higher stability and accuracy, with times longer precisely than the conventional ones.
  • Stopper design in position slot and easier for precisely stabilize polygonal punches.
  • Made of stainless steel, rustless and maintain easy.

Main Parameters :

Model PFH450
Center Height 85 ± 0.5mm
Clamping Dia. Range of V-Block Ø3~38mm
Travel of V-Block 38mm
Slide Plate Horizontal Movement ±18mm
Indexer Tooth Q'ty & Accuracy 24, 15° ± 5"
Clamping Accuracy (50mm) 0.005mm
N.W. 12kg